IIT BHU Placements 2023: Insights, Companies, and Branch-wise Statistics

Candidates eagerly participating in IIT BHU placement interviews.
Driven and talented candidates at IIT BHU actively engaging in placement interviews.(source iit bhu website)

Discover IIT BHU Placements 2023 – 117 recruiters, 472 offers, highest CTC of INR 1.2 CPA. Get insights into branch-wise placement statistics.

Introduction: IIT BHU is renowned for its academic excellence, and one aspect that showcases this excellence is its placements. In this comprehensive blog, we delve into the details of IIT BHU Placements 2023, providing you with valuable insights into the recruiters, offers, and branch-wise statistics.

Facts and Figures:

Here are some key facts about IIT BHU Placements 2023:

  • Total Recruiters: 117
  • Total Offers: 472
  • Highest CTC: INR 1.2 CPA

Now, let’s explore this further.

Table of Contents:

  • IIT BHU Placements 2023
    • In-depth analysis of IIT BHU’s latest placement statistics.
  • IIT BHU Placements 2023 Company – Wise
    • A breakdown of placements by companies and CTC ranges.
  • IIT BHU Placements 2023 Branch-Wise
    • Branch-wise statistics revealing placement percentages and package details.
  • IIT BHU Placements 2022 Report
    • Comparative insights into placements from the previous year.
  • IIT BHU Placements 2022 Company – Wise
    • A look at placements by companies in the year 2022.
  • IIT BHU Alumni Network
    • Insights into the vast alumni network of IIT BHU.
  • IIT BHU Recruiter-wise Placement Criteria
    • Selection criteria adopted by prominent recruiters.
  • IIT BHU Placements FAQs
    • Frequently asked questions about IIT BHU placements.

IIT BHU Placements 2023 Report

In the academic year 2022-23, IIT BHU witnessed an impressive placement season, attracting the attention of 117 prominent companies. Here are the key placement statistics:

  • Number of Companies Participated: The placement drive at IIT BHU saw active participation from 117 renowned companies, reflecting the institute’s strong industry connections and reputation.
  • Number of Offers: A total of 472 offers were extended to the students during the placement season, underscoring the diverse opportunities available to the talented graduates.
  • Number of Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs): IIT BHU secured a remarkable 335 Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), a testament to the high caliber of its students and the trust that companies place in their skills.
  • Highest CTC (Cost to Company): The highlight of the season was the exceptional highest CTC of INR 1.2 CPA (Cost per Annum), which exemplifies the lucrative prospects that IIT BHU graduates can aspire to.
  • Top Recruiters: Among the top recruiters who recognized the potential in IIT BHU’s students were industry giants like Uber, Flipkart, and Microsoft. These companies’ presence on campus added prestige to the placement season and offered students exciting career opportunities.

These statistics reaffirm IIT BHU’s status as a premier institution for higher education, attracting top-notch companies and providing its students with a promising start to their professional journeys.

IIT BHU Placements 2023 Company – Wise

IIT BHU’s placement season in 2023 witnessed active participation from a diverse array of companies. Here is a breakdown of the placement statistics based on the companies:

  1. 46 Companies:
    • Number of Offers: These 46 companies collectively extended 169 offers to the students, providing a range of career opportunities.
    • CTC Range: The salary packages offered by these companies varied from INR 15 LPA (Lakhs per Annum) to an impressive INR 1.2 CPA (Cost per Annum), reflecting the broad spectrum of industries and roles available to the graduates.
  2. 71 Companies:
    • Number of Offers: A larger pool of 71 companies participated, contributing to the significant number of opportunities for the students.
    • CTC Range: The CTC range for this group spanned from INR 7 LPA to INR 91 LPA, showcasing the wide range of options available to the students with varying career aspirations.

These company-wise statistics highlight the diverse and dynamic nature of the placement season at IIT BHU in 2023. Students had the chance to explore a multitude of career paths and salary packages, making it a truly enriching experience for all.

IIT BHU Placements 2023 Branch-Wise

The placement season at IIT BHU in 2023 showcased the diversity of academic departments and the remarkable achievements of its graduates across various fields. Here’s a breakdown of the branch-wise placement statistics:

  1. BioChemical Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 61.54%
    • Median Package: INR 16.15 LPA (Lakhs per Annum)
    • Average Package: INR 21.04 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 36.39 LPA
  2. BioMedical Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 77.78%
    • Median Package: INR 16 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 18.37 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 27.50 LPA
  3. Ceramic Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 56.82%
    • Median Package: INR 19.5 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 24.49 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.15 CPA (Cost per Annum)
  4. Chemical Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 86.43%
    • Median Package: INR 16.18 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 19.52 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.15 CPA
  5. Chemistry:
    • Placement Percentage: 70.00%
    • Median Package: INR 15.3 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 16.61 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 21.5 LPA
  6. Civil Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 76.98%
    • Median Package: INR 15.75 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 19.09 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.15 CPA
  7. Computer Science Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 97.32%
    • Median Package: INR 30 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 34.43 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.15 CPA
  8. Electrical Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 86.05%
    • Median Package: INR 29.72 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 30.25 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.15 CPA
  9. Electronics Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 90.83%
    • Median Package: INR 30 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 29.56 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 50 LPA
  10. Material Science:
    • Placement Percentage: 86.67%
    • Median Package: INR 17.20 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 18.28 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 30 LPA
  11. Mathematics:
    • Placement Percentage: 95.65%
    • Median Package: INR 30.37 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 34.31 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.2 CPA
  12. Mechanical Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 78.75%
    • Median Package: INR 18.12 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 21.95 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 91.19 LPA
  13. Metallurgy Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 75.58%
    • Median Package: INR 15 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 17.70 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 50 LPA
  14. Mining Engineering:
    • Placement Percentage: 66.67%
    • Median Package: INR 15 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 16.87 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 45 LPA
  15. Pharmacy:
    • Placement Percentage: 69.77%
    • Median Package: INR 17.25 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 21.96 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 50 LPA
  16. Physics:
    • Placement Percentage: 84.21%
    • Median Package: INR 24 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 25.21 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 50 LPA
  17. Overall (UG):
    • Placement Percentage: 81.18%
    • Median Package: INR 20 LPA
    • Average Package: INR 24.31 LPA
    • Highest Package: INR 1.2 CPA

These branch-wise statistics highlight the remarkable achievements of IIT BHU’s students across various disciplines, showcasing their potential and the diverse opportunities available to them in the job market.

IIT BHU Placements 2022 Report

The placement season for the batch of 2021-22 at IIT BHU was marked by outstanding achievements and a significant influx of opportunities. Here are the key placement statistics:

  • Number of Companies Participated: An impressive total of 332 companies actively participated in the placement season, underscoring the institute’s strong industry connections.
  • Number of Offers: The students of IIT BHU received a staggering 1185 offers during the placement season, reflecting the demand for their skills and talents.
  • Number of International Offers: A noteworthy feature of the season was the 35 international offers that students secured, highlighting the institute’s global reach.
  • Highest International CTC (Cost to Company): The highest international CTC offered was an impressive INR 2.05 CPA (Cost per Annum), reaffirming the global recognition of IIT BHU graduates.
  • Highest Domestic CTC: On the domestic front, the highest CTC reached a remarkable INR 78 LPA (Lakhs per Annum), demonstrating the lucrative opportunities available to graduates.
  • Top Recruiters: IIT BHU’s reputation attracted top-notch recruiters, including industry giants like UBER, UiPath, Microsoft, Intel, and Mastercard. Their presence on campus added prestige to the placement season and provided students with exciting career prospects.

These statistics exemplify IIT BHU’s commitment to excellence in education and its ability to provide students with a platform to launch successful careers in both the domestic and international job markets.

IIT BHU Placements 2022 Company – Wise

In the dynamic landscape of IIT BHU Placements 2022, several companies recognized the exceptional talent pool of the institute. Among these, three notable companies made their mark:

  1. Rakuten:
    • Number of Offers: Rakuten, a global tech giant, extended a total of 33 offers to IIT BHU students. This demonstrated not only the scale of their recruitment efforts but also the value they placed on the institute’s graduates.
  2. Uber:
    • Number of Offers: Uber, a prominent player in the ride-sharing and technology industry, offered a unique opportunity to one lucky student from IIT BHU. This singular offer highlighted the recognition of the institute’s excellence in producing top-tier talent.
  3. Weathernews:
    • Number of Offers: Weathernews, a company specializing in meteorological services and solutions, also recognized the potential of IIT BHU students. They extended a single offer, underlining the quality and competence of the institute’s graduates in specialized fields.

These companies, each in their own way, contributed to the diverse and dynamic placement season at IIT BHU in 2022, providing students with a wide array of career opportunities across various industries.

A view of a hostel building at IIT BHU.
A serene and comfortable abode for students at IIT BHU’s hostel.(source iit bhu website)

IIT BHU, Varanasi: Nurturing Future Talent and Industry Leaders

Year after year, IIT BHU, Varanasi, has been making waves in the realm of campus placements. In the recent past, the institute has witnessed a steady rise in the number of students successfully securing coveted positions, signaling a promising future for its graduates.

Mechanical Engineering: Leading the Way

Among the various departments, Mechanical Engineering and Technology Department stood out with the highest number of placements. This department’s students showcased their prowess, attracting major recruiters such as EXL, Wipro, Tata Steels, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, and Maruti.

A Stellar Lineup of Recruiters

The impressive array of recruiters at IIT BHU, Varanasi, includes renowned names like JP Morgan, Microsoft, Bajaj, Samsung, HP, VISA, Adobe, Amazon, CISCO, OYO, American Express, and many more. These industry giants brought forth over 172 Pre-Placement Offers, underlining the institute’s reputation for producing top talent.

Pre-Placement Talks and Internships: Building Futures

The institute initiated its 2020-21 Pre-Placement Talks for both internships and full-time positions. Notably, the number of pre-placement offers surged from 164 in 2019-20 to a remarkable 253 in 2020-21. Simultaneously, the number of internships also saw substantial growth, increasing from 141 (2019-20) to 204 (2020-21).

Fostering Employability with Skill Programs

IIT BHU, Varanasi, has been steadfast in its commitment to enhancing student employability. This commitment shines through its comprehensive programs covering both hard and soft skills. The result has been a continuous upward trajectory, not only in terms of the number of placements but also in median salary figures.

Summer Placements: A Grand Kickstart

In the summer of 2020-21, IIT BHU inaugurated its Summer Placements on August 10, 2020, with much anticipation. The first day slot saw an impressive 109 students securing Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) ranging from INR 6.6 LPA to INR 45.6 LPA. Additionally, 81 students were offered summer internships, each with a minimum package worth INR 80,000 per month.

In essence, IIT BHU, Varanasi, continues to shine as a beacon of academic excellence and career opportunities. With a steadfast focus on skill development and industry collaborations, it consistently paves the way for its students to embark on successful and rewarding professional journeys.

IIT BHU Alumni Network: A Tapestry of Success

Within the hallowed halls of IIT BHU, a vast and influential alumni network thrives. These illustrious alumni have charted their paths to success and continue to contribute significantly to various industries. Here’s a glimpse into some of the prominent recruiters and the number of alumni they’ve enlisted from the institute:

  • Amazon: With a staggering 254 alumni on board, Amazon has tapped into the talent pool nurtured at IIT BHU, fostering a strong connection between the e-commerce giant and the institution.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft, a technology titan, has 213 alumni from IIT BHU, showcasing the institute’s role in shaping tech leaders.
  • Infosys: Infosys, a global IT leader, boasts 172 alumni from the institute, underlining the institute’s influence in the IT sector.
  • Google: The search engine giant, Google, has 127 alumni from IIT BHU, further cementing the institute’s legacy in the tech industry.
  • Technex: The institute’s annual techno-management festival, Technex, has not only been a platform for innovation but also contributed to a network of 122 alumni.
  • Oracle: With 119 alumni, Oracle’s presence at IIT BHU signifies the institute’s impact in the world of database technology.
  • Intel Corp: Intel Corp, a global leader in semiconductor technology, has 115 alumni from IIT BHU, reflecting the institute’s prowess in nurturing engineering talent.
  • Accenture: The global consulting and professional services firm, Accenture, has 93 alumni from the institute, showcasing the institute’s influence in the consulting domain.
  • Qualcomm: With 93 alumni, Qualcomm’s association with IIT BHU strengthens the institute’s foothold in the semiconductor industry.
  • Goldman Sachs: The prestigious financial institution, Goldman Sachs, with 91 alumni, highlights the institute’s contribution to the finance sector.
  • Citi: The global bank, Citi, has 81 alumni from IIT BHU, exemplifying the institute’s footprint in the world of finance.
  • Flipkart: The e-commerce giant, Flipkart, has 67 alumni from IIT BHU, showcasing the institute’s role in shaping the e-commerce landscape.
  • Oyo: Oyo, a prominent player in the hospitality industry, has 64 alumni from the institute, highlighting the institute’s connection to the startup ecosystem.
  • Apple: The tech giant Apple has 62 alumni from IIT BHU, reinforcing the institute’s contribution to the world of consumer electronics.

IIT BHU Recruiter-wise Placement Criteria: Shaping Careers

Recruiters play a pivotal role in the career journeys of IIT BHU students. Here’s a glimpse into the selection criteria adopted by some of the prominent recruiters:

  • Oracle Inc. Redwood City, USA: For job profiles like Server Technology and Application Engineer, eligibility spans across several departments. The process typically involves an MCQ test conducted on the Oracle Test Platform, followed by two rounds of interviews.
  • Goldman Sachs: This prestigious financial institution employs a rigorous selection process that includes an online coding round, three technical interview rounds, and one HR interview round.
  • Standard Chartered: Eligibility for Standard Chartered requires BTech with a minimum CGPA of 7.00. The selection process comprises four rounds of tests followed by group discussions and interviews.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft conducts a comprehensive selection process, beginning with multiple-choice questions and coding assessments. Successful candidates proceed to five rounds of interviews.

These unique insights into the IIT BHU Alumni Network and recruiter-wise placement criteria shed light on the institute’s far-reaching impact on various industries and its commitment to nurturing and shaping exceptional careers.

FAQs and Answers:

  1. Q: Which stream gets the maximum number of placement offers at IIT BHU?
    • A: Computer Science Engineering (CSE) consistently receives the highest number of placement offers at IIT BHU.
  2. Q: How many offers were received during IIT BHU Placements 2023?
    • A: A total of 472 offers were received during IIT BHU Placements 2023.
  3. Q: How many PPOs were received during IIT BHU Placements 2023?
    • A: IIT BHU secured 335 Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) in the 2023 placement drive.
  4. Q: What is the highest package offered in mining at IIT BHU?
    • A: The highest package offered in Mining Engineering at IIT BHU is INR 45 LPA.
  5. Q: What is the average package of IIT BHU math and computing?
    • A: The average package for students in the Mathematics and Computing department at IIT BHU is INR 34.31 LPA.
  6. Q: What is the lowest package in IIT BHU CSE?
    • A: The lowest package in the Computer Science Engineering (CSE) department at IIT BHU varies but generally starts at INR 7 LPA.
  7. Q: What is the highest package at IIT BHU?
    • A: The highest package at IIT BHU for the year 2023 is INR 1.2 CPA.
  8. Q: How many companies participated in IIT BHU Placements 2023?
    • A: A total of 117 companies participated in IIT BHU Placements 2023.
  9. Q: Which recruiters are prominent at IIT BHU?
    • A: Prominent recruiters at IIT BHU include Uber, Flipkart, Microsoft, Intel, and Mastercard.
  10. Q: What is the highest international CTC offered at IIT BHU?
    • A: The highest international CTC offered at IIT BHU is INR 2.05 CPA.

Conclusion: IIT BHU continues to excel in placements, with impressive statistics for 2023. The placement scenario is robust, with high-demand branches like Computer Science Engineering (CSE) leading the way. With a wide range of recruiters and competitive packages, IIT BHU remains a top choice for students seeking quality education and promising career prospects.


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